1992 Barcelona’s Olympic Games

July 25th of 1992 was one of the most important days for our beautiful city; the 1992 Barcelona Olympic games were starting, it was a turning point for Barcelona; we could not believe that finally, the big day had arrived. It was a long way to get to the opening ceremony since October 17th of 1986 at 1,38, when we all heard from Samaranch, the President of the Olympic Committee, the words: ” a la ville de Barcelonne.”

We started working very hard to get everything ready on time to Celebrate the summer Olympic games. On this video, you can see how much the city changed. The Olimpic Harbour that we show you on many of our tours and the Olimpic ring are two of the areas that changed the most.

There are so many moments to remember some are from the years before the beginning of the games, like listening to Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé singing “Barcelona.” 

And the special moment when the Paralympic athlete Antonio Rebollo lighted the cauldron with a flaming arrow across the Stadium. It was such a great risk, but in Barcelona, we still think that from this moment on, we are the ones that the other Olympic cities have in mind when they plan their lighting of the cauldron. 

You might not we aware of it yet, but it is 25 years ago when your visit to Barcelona started. We changed our city to welcome the Olympic family, and it looks like we did it right, because now the world is in love with Barcelona and it is a great pleasure for us to show HER to our visitors