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enjoy our guided private tours inside Sagrada Familia, Picasso Museum and Barça Stadium
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Private tours with local & licensed guides!!!!

SAGRADA FAMILIA, PICASSO MUSEUM, and BARÇA STADIUM are the most visited sights in town.

We offer you the best way to discover them. Enjoy our PRIVATE tours with local guides inside all these essential sights
  • We buy the tickets in advance for you.

  • Enjoy Priority access to this major sites.

  • The price of this three private tours is 135 Euros each tour (not per person) entrance fees are not included.

Send us an e-mail, and we’ll take care of everything. 

Private City Tours & Excursions

Book a Private City Tour with a local and licensed guide. 

Local Guides:

Catalunya (Catalonia) is our home. We are truly local guides not only because we live here but because we have grown here. We can give you many facts and histories from all the places that you’ll visit with us. Being a guide for us is more than explaining only historical facts, is to show you our favorite restaurants, viewpoints, cafes, squares, introducing you to friends and neighbors that we might see during the tours. To make you feel for a few hours that you have just been walking with a friend is another of our goals.

Sustainable tourism: 

If your group is bigger than 15 persons we’ll use audio guides, you’ll be able to hear your guide in crowded streets, or if we are on a narrow alley early in the morning, the neighbors will not be disturbed by a guide shouting out loud to be heard by everyone. Plus the audio guides will give you the freedom to take pictures while you are listening to the guide’s explanations. We charge an additional 2 euros per person to the price of the tour. If you are 30 or more we’ll split the group in two, according to the agreement that we have with the Tourism Board of Barcelona for a more sustainable tourism.

Affiliated to the two most important tour guides associations in Catalunya (Aguicat and Apit), that are working with the city and the government Tourism Boards to offer you the best of Barcelona and Catalunya.

Experienced tour guides:

After 16 years of experience guiding visitors around Barcelona, we are sure that you’ll find your Barcelona too. Of course, there are as many Barcelona’s as people visiting it. Barcelona is a more than 2000-years-old city with an incredible variety of architecture, art, and gastronomy. It is a city with a population of 1’6 millions and many different places, neighborhoods, sights, monuments, museums, beaches.

Girona, Tarragona, Montserrat, Sitges some of the most beautiful towns and landscapes of Catalonia that you can discover with our Outside of Barcelona tours

As licensed guides, we have priority access to all the main sights and museums.

Lets us know which are your main interests, just send us an e-mail

Our tours are 100% flexible, it is only you and your family, friends or work colleagues, that will attend the tour, it is a Private tour.


Our lovely guide Begoña met us at the appointed time and gave us a wonderfully detailed description of the various facades of Sagrada Familia, before taking us into the awesome building where she recreated in words the history of its creation, and pointing out so any of its wonderful features that we surely would have missed on our own. She did not rush us, and made this visit seem as fresh and wonderful to her as it was to us. Begoña pointed out the highlights of the museum, not rushing us though her time was up, and we were able to stay on to revisit both the museum and the church at our leisure after she left us. Thank you Begoña. You made our day.


Carolina set the bar high for the tour experience. She speaks excellent English, knows the history of Barcelona, organizes the tour to maximize results and is a very pleasant person.

Larry Lord

Three of us used Skip the Line Barcelona for our tour of Sagrada Familia. This should be the only way anyone experiences Sagrada Familia.

I can not compliment our guide enough. He was so knowledgeable and made sure we got to experience the best parts before they became overcrowded with the masses of people that visit this amazing site.

Thank you Skip the Line for a great experience!


Skip the Line Barcelona is the BEST way to see the Sagrada Familia. The Sagrada Familia gets very crowded and can be overwhelming, so you really need a guide to understand what you are seeing. Yes, you have many options to book a group tour online, but with Skip The Line Barcelona, you are your own group, have your own guide and can go at your own pace.

My first visit to the Sagrada Familia was a few summers ago and I was returning with my whole family this summer. I discovered Skip The Line Barcelona because the tour I had originally taken wasn’t offered at the time of day when the light would shine through the windows and cast the colors on the walls. This was very important to me because it literally took my breath away and I wanted the same experience for my family. Carolina was so accommodating, emailing back-and-forth several times to determine the best time to visit.

Everything was so easy. We met our guide, Begonia, across the street, which was a perfect spot for a group photo before we bypassed the long lines and entered the temple. Begonia spoke English perfectly, was extremely knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor. She not only knew all the history and facts about Gaudi and the Sagrada Familia, but she grew up in Barcelona so she was able to give us anecdotes and stories of the temple as well as the Spanish culture. We had several teenagers in our group and she kept them fully engaged throughout the tour. Although I had already visited the Sagrada Familia, I learned so much more being on a private tour, especially with Begonia as our guide.

I HIGHLY recommend Skip The Line Barcelona. They went out of their way to make sure we had the best experience and I can guarantee that I will be booking with them again on my next visit to Barcelona.


SENSATIONAL TERRIFIC! Truly, this is the best way to experience this amazing Gaudi structure. It was my third visit over the past few years but a first for my adult daughter. Unforgettable.

Our guide BEGONA was an absolute delight. She spoke beautiful English, had a great sense of humor, was incredibly knowledgeable and provided an in-depth history of not only the Sagrada but of Spanish history.

To experience this building, just the two of us, was perfection as we didn’t have to contend with trying to hear our guide and trying to photograph with others wrestling for the same photos. It was much more intimate than we could have experienced any other way. A real bonus was being able to use the small elevator up into the towers. Yes, we walked down but I am 75 and it was no problem for me, just fun.

Note that booking online was a breeze. Responses were swift and instructions very clear.

There is no way for me to more highly recommend this “MUST” experience while visiting Barcelona. It is essential for the full experience. Thank you Begona and Skip The Line.

Karen Gr

We were only in Barcelona for a few days and really wanted to see the highlights of Gaudi. Begonia did an excellent job of accommodating our schedule. We were originally going to meet her at Casa Mila because we were staying close by and it was convenient. Then we were going to Park Guell and finish the tour at La Sagrada Familia. Then we realized on the day of the tour that it would work out better if we ended at Casa Mila last because we were already checked out and needed to pick up our luggage and head straight to the airport immediately after the tour. Begonia was able to change our ticket entry times and make it happen. She did an excellent job of making Gaudi’s life come to life for all of us, including our teenage children.


Carolina was exceptional. In-depth explanation, beautiful Gothic architecture! Would definitely recommend


I used ‘Skip the Line Barcelona’ for a tour of the Sagrada Familia when visiting Barcelona with 9 friends. So much better than joining a larger group as it was a more personal touch and the tour guide was very fun and full of information. highly recommend

Tony N.

Meeting place was easy to find. Met Begoña right on time and she walked us over to the group line entrance, which was a benefit by itself. Begoñia had been a nanny in the US years ago, so she was GREAT at keeping our kids aged 6 & 12 interested. Her wealth of knowledge was amazing. She provided lots of interesting background and historical facts, plus the fact it was just the 6 of us was fantastic. My mother had toured the Sagrada 4 years before and she commented that she learned so much more on this one. We particularly liked how she shared the evolution of Gaudí’s vision to get the church back to its “natural” beginnings. Highly recommend this tour!

Debbie C.

As a group of 8 friends, we decided to book a private tour of the Sagrada Familia. Our communication with Carolina was helpful and easy from the outset, and she was a very knowledgeable guide. We love that we walked right in and got there ahead of the crowds. Highly recommend doing this!


I have been a professionals tour guide for 35 years. I have trained tour guides for over 25 years. I am very discerning when it comes to a tour guides’ ability, commentary and organization. I looked at many websites and sent inquiries to three organizations before selecting SKIP THE LINE. All my pre-trip questions–and there were many–were answered by quickly and professionally and in excellent English by Carolina. I was organizing this tour for our diverse group of family and friends, that were from three different countries and would be all together in Barcelona for a few days. There were Seniors and adults. Two of our 9 participants had mobility issues that were a concern. Two had hearing problems. Not everyone wanted to go up in the towers. Begonia was our guide for the tour and she exceeded everyone’s expectations. Her English was perfect and clear. She provided the “whisper headsets” so all could hear her commentary throughout the tour. We did not have to wait in any lines. We walked slowly and Begonia took care to identify places where the people who had trouble walking could rest. We were able to take many photos inside and outside and even look at the exhibits in the basement area. It was a very memorable day and one fondly remembered by all! I am only sorry it took me so long to write this review!


Carolina was a wonderful tour guide! We learned so many interesting things about the progress of this amazing architectural wonder. Carolina answered all of our questions and explained many of the curiosities regarding this building. Thank you!


Our tour guide to Sagrada Família, Albert, was such a wealth of knowledge and this made our overall experience much more interesting. Add to that his kind, polite and engaging personality made Skip The Line Barcelona well worth the money. Visiting this architectural wonder with such a knowledgeable guide was quite a memorable experience.


We met Begonia at 10 AM for a Sagrada Familia tour and spent 1.5 hours with her. This was our second visit to Sagrada and we learned so much more from her than we did on our own. Her knowledge and passion were amazing! We hope to come back when it is finally finished in 2026 and we hope she is still giving these tours.

Suzy Cin

We were met by Begonia right on time, her English and knowledge of the Sagrada Familia was outstanding, gave a great understanding from both the inside and a full tour of the outside. It truly is a beautiful and interesting church.