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World Book Day April 23

Why is April 23 World Book Day? April 23 is World Book Day, as declared by UNESCO in 1995. Traditionally it is said that two great writers of all time Miguel Cervantes Saavedra and William Shakespeare, died on the same day [...]

WELCOME to Barcelona and Catalunya!

Who is behind Skip the Line Barcelona? We are Carolina, Begoña, and Albert, three good friends native from Barcelona that share one passion since 20 years ago, being a tour guide. It is our pleasure to welcome you to Barcelona and Catalunya, our home.  [...]

Visit the Cave of St Ignatius near Montserrat

THE CAVE OF SAINT IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA AND MONTSERRAT If you are reading this post, you must be interested in knowing how you can visit the Cave of St. Ignatius of Loyola near Montserrat, where the saint spent a year of [...]

Visit Barcelona with kids (Part 1)

If you visit Barcelona with kids As well as seeing all the best-known attractions, you’ll undoubtedly want to discover places that will interest, motivate, and entertain the children. In Barcelona, just like in all cities, many of the children’s activities on offer, such as [...]

The Love Boat in Barcelona

What was The Love Boat? Those of us of a certain age will surely remember the series The Love Boat, an American series that was translated into Spanish as Vacaciones en el mar. The series was quite successful, aimed at a [...]

The Castells or Human towers in Catalonia

WHAT ARE THE CASTELLS OR HUMAN TOWERS? The castells or human towers are for sure the best-known Catalan tradition around the world. Nowadays it is not strange to see Castells at the top of a skyscraper in Manhattan ( video) or the [...]

Tapas, do you know what “tapas”means?

Do you know what "tapas" means? Since a few years ago, this "tapas" issue is going crazy, now any restaurant from any cuisine has the word "tapas" on the Menu. For us, it is quite funny to see that, and we would love [...]

Sitges: charming seaside town near Barcelona

Sitges is a beautiful old fishing village that today has become a cosmopolitan seaside town and a popular summer resort. It´s located only 34 km south of Barcelona and very easy to reach by train. The trip takes around half an [...]

Sant Andreu del Palomar: The less known Barcelona

THE "BEST" NEIGHBORHOOD IN BARCELONA !! Yes! Sant Andreu del Palomar is the best neighborhood in Barcelona!  For me it is, it is my neighborhood !!! If you want to know a place in Barcelona that is not very touristy, I [...]

Sagrada Familia under construction

“It is not a disappointment that I will not be able to finish the temple. I will grow old, but others will come after me. What must always be preserved is the spirit of the work; its life will depend on [...]

Recycling in Barcelona

How recycling works in Barcelona A few years ago while on a guided tour of Barcelona with some Chinese customers who came to the city to attend a conference, I was surprised that at one point during the tour, while walking [...]

Picasso Museum in Barcelona

Is the Picasso Museum in Barcelona worth it? Our answer is YES, and a private guided tour is even better. Where is the Barcelona Picasso Museum located? The Picasso Museum of Barcelona is located on Carrer de Montcada, a very [...]

Mass at Sagrada Familia church

VISIT SAGRADA FAMILIA ON OUR PRIVATE TOURS BOOK HERE It is possible to attend mass at la Sagrada Familia. Masses inside the church have resumed since September 5, 2021. They take place every Sunday at [...]

How to use public transportation in Barcelona & Catalunya

Using public transportation in Barcelona & Catalunya is very easy. Barcelona is a very friendly city for visitors that love to walk, and it is very easy to use public transportation. We have different transportations that you can use since your arrival in Barcelona. [...]

Flamenco in Barcelona. The origins.

Spanish Traditions Flamenco and bullfighting are two of the best-known Spanish traditions. Nowadays, bullfighting is no longer so well thought of, it’s seen as an old-fashioned tradition, and the younger generations are not interested in it. Society these days is very [...]

Eat like a local in Barcelona (Menú del Día)

How to eat like a local in Barcelona. As we explained to you in the blog post “Tapas, do you really know what tapas means?” we don’t eat tapas throughout the entire day. Tapas are just an informal way of enjoying [...]

Dali Museum in Figueres

DALÍ MUSEUM FIGUERES BARCELONA The Salvador Dalí Museum is located in Figueres in the north of Catalonia, 140 km from Barcelona. It is quite close to Cadaqués, a small and beautiful fishermen’s village, where Dalí lived with his wife and [...]

Columbus monument in Barcelona

Christopher Columbus in Barcelona The Christopher Columbus monument in Barcelona is one of the most popular and iconic monuments in the city and is dedicated to the famous sailor. This is one of the more than 60 monuments dedicated to Columbus [...]

Code of good practice for guiding in Barcelona

Code of good practice for guiding tour groups on the streets of Barcelona As members of Aguicat the biggest tour guides Association in Catalunya, we would like to share with our customers the Code of Good Practice for guiding tour groups on the streets of [...]

Christmas in Barcelona and Catalonia

Christmas in Barcelona and Catalonia & Barcelona Christmas markets. What can you do during Christmas in Barcelona? One of the nicest options is to visit the Barcelona Christmas markets around the city. Fira de Santa Llúcia: The most traditional one is [...]

Bunkers del Carmel

The unexpected success of the Bunkers In recent years we have noticed how some customers have asked us to include the Bunkers del Carmel in their visit to Barcelona. At first we were very surprised since it wasn’t a very well-known [...]

Barcelona’s 22@ District

Barcelona's 22@ District: The technological district in Barcelona The Barcelona's 22@ district, known as the 22@ or the Innovation District, is an area of ​​Barcelona with nearly 200 hectares built with the aim of transforming the old industrial land of Poblenou [...]

Barcelona with children (Part 2)

List of places to visit in Barcelona with children Beautiful and interesting places in Barcelona well worth visiting with children. You can also read the post – Barcelona with children (Part 1) if you haven’t already read it. In addition to all the best-known [...]

1992 Barcelona Olympic Games

Opening Ceremony of the Barcelona Olympic Games July 25th, 1992 was the date of the Opening Ceremony of the Games of the XXV Olympiad. The 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games were about to begin.  We couldn’t quite believe that the big day had finally arrived. [...]