mass at Sagrada Familia
mass at sagrada familia

It is possible to attend mass at la Sagrada Familia.

Masses inside the church have resumed since September 5, 2021. They take place every Sunday at 9 a.m.

Nevertheless and to avoid any misunderstandings, we would like to clarify that there are two altars at the Sagrada Familia church: The Main Altar and the Crypt Altar. Which means two different places where you can attend mass.

The celebrations at the Main Altar and Crypt have different schedules giving you many options to attend mass during your stay in Barcelona.

  1. Mass at Sagrada Familia’s Main Altar.

  2. Mass at the Crypt of Sagrada Familia.

  3. How to visit Sagrada Familia.


We guess that this is the altar you are interested in, it is the one inside the main church.

Mass at Sagrada Familia takes place on Sundays at 9 AM and it´s free of charge

That’s the starting time, BUT you need to show up at least 45 minutes before, otherwise, the church could be already full.

It is an international Mass celebrated in several languages.

We would like to share  the information posted on the Sagrada Familia web:

” The Archdiocese of Barcelona holds an international mass at the Basilica of the Sagrada Família on Sundays and holy days of obligation and the eve of holy days of obligation.

Date and time:

Every Sunday and on holy days of obligation at 9 am

There is no charge for attending mass, but capacity is limited.

Language: Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Italian

The entrance to the Basilica is on the Nativity façade (Carrer de la Marina) from 8 am until the 500 people capacity is reached. 

Visitors are asked to dress appropriately and behave respectfully. 

For any other questions regarding the international masses, please contact the liturgical head of masses at”

We would like to remind you that you’ll be attending Mass, this is not a tourist visit to Sagrada Familia, so do not expect to be able to walk around the Church taking pictures. For a tour with the chance to stay inside as long as you want we recommend you to buy tickets or book a PRIVATE TOUR. 


If you cannot attend Sunday Mass at the Sagrada Familia, you can still attend the one celebrated in the Crypt every day of the week.

The Crypt was the first part of the church to be built. It was started in 1882 by the first architect of Sagrada Familia, Mr. Francisco Paula del Villar. The style of the crypt is neogothic, more classic in contrast to the interior of Sagrada Familia.  It has been in use since Gaudi’s Lifetime in the early 1900s. All through the years, the neighbors of Sagrada Familia have celebrated Mass, Weddings, Baptisms, First Communions and Funerals. Antoni Gaudi is buried in the crypt, so that´s also a good reason to attend mass at the Crypt.

Some good reasons to visit the Crypt at Sagrada Familia

  • Beautiful neogothic decoration.
  • More “authentic”, more local. It´s the parish church of the neighborhood.
  • No need for a reservation.
  • See Gaudi´s tomb.
  • See the image of Our lady of Montserrat (The Black Madonna).
  • Possibility of seeing the Crypt when there is no mass going on.
  • The entrance to the Crypt is at 318 Sardenya Street.
  • Daily masses two times per day.

At the Crypt of Sagrada Familia, there are religious services every day in Catalan and Spanish. So it’s a great opportunity to attend a local service, the only inconvenience for foreigners is that the mass in the Crypt is not celebrated in English.

Schedules Mass at Sagrada Familia CRYPT:

    • 9 am (Catalan)and 8 pm (Spanish) Monday to Saturday.
    • Sunday and Festivities 9am, 11,45am, 8pm (Spanish) 10.30am, 1pm, 6,30pm (Catalan)


The Main Altar at Sagrada Familia was consecrated on November 7th, 2010 by Pope Benedict. Since then, many religious celebrations are taking place at the Church in two different locations, the Main Altar, and the Crypt.

In this video, you can see the moment when Pope Benedict opens the Main entrance door, and the world discovers the inside of the central nave. 6.500 faithful people together with 1,100 Concelebrants and 800 choir signers!!!

Do not skip the video; it is quite astonishing.


Sagrada Familia is the jewel and the most spectacular building in Barcelona. Do not miss the opportunity to book your Sagrada Familia private tour WITH PRIORITY ACCESS.

Skip the Line Barcelona offers you the best Sagrada Familia tour, a private tour of the interior of the Sagrada Familia church, the most visited monument of Spain, and the largest Christian church under construction in the world.

During the tour, the guide will explain to you the history and anecdotes of this magnificent temple that was started in 1882, showing you the Nativity and Passion façades, the Museum and the interior of the church with colorfully stained glass windows and infinite columns, which Gaudi imagined as a forest of palm trees under the light of the stars.

Elevator to the towers is optional, notice that even if we get tickets for the elevators they might close the access because of wind, rain, or any other reason on the same day of the tour. In that case, the amount of the ticket will be refunded.

After the tour, if you wish so, you can stay inside the temple for as long as you like.


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