Using public transportation in Barcelona & Catalunya is very easy.

Barcelona is a very friendly city for visitors that love to walk, and it is very easy to use public transportation. We have different transportations that you can use since your arrival in Barcelona.

  • Airport transportation:
    • Aerobús is a very convenient shuttle bus that you can use if you arrive at any of the two airport terminals. From the airport, you have a few stops to choose from Plça Espanya – Gran Via/Borrell – Plça Universitat – Plça Catalunya. And to go back to the airport, the stops are Plça Catalunya – Sepulveda street – Plça Espanya. Find more information on this link 
    • Taxi Ecològic: If you have a lot of luggage or your hotel is a bit difficult to reach, we recommend you Taxi Ecològic; their Hybrid and electric vehicles are your ecological option to move around the city using taxis. The web is in Spanish but contact them or call them to make your reservation, and they will attend you in different languages. Find more info here
  • Public transportation inside the city:
    • Metro: with more than 8 subway lines, the Barcelona Subway/metro is very easy to use. Most of the iconic sites of Barcelona are reachable using one of the different lines. To buy the tickets for your stay, we recommend you to read this link
    • Bus: many people prefer to see the city while moving from one place to another; our city buses are some of the most ecological, modern, and comfortable ones in the world. Use this journey planner to find the best bus line for your trip.
  • Trains to explore Catalunya: Rodalies Renfe and Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat are your options to travel outside Barcelona using public transportation. Some examples of tourist places that you can reach using them are Sitges, Manresa (Cave of Saint Ignatius), Colonia Güell, and Girona.