Sagrada Familia & Picasso Museum Private tour

The best way to visit the Sagrada Familia & Picasso Museum and discover two geniuses: Pablo Picasso and Antoni Gaudí.

  • Perfect tour if you would like to visit some important sights but not spend too long there.
  • 3-hour private guided tour with licensed guide
  • Tour in English (or any other language upon request)
  • Priority access
  • 195 euros (price per tour, not per person)
  • Skip-the-line tickets: Fill in the form indicating the correct number of people and ages, and we’ll calculate the cost.
picasso sagrada familia private tour

On this tour, we visit two of the most visited sights in Barcelona, Sagrada Familia & Picasso Museum.

Surprisingly or not, the third most visited attraction is the FC Barcelona football stadium. The Picasso Museum and the Sagrada Família are examples of the best works of a genius painter and a genius architect, Pablo Picasso and Antoni Gaudí, both of whom have strong ties with our city.

Picasso lived in Barcelona with his family during his teenage years and always felt attached to the city; while his mother and sister settled in Barcelona, Pablo moved to Paris and then to the French riviera later on in his life. The museum offers the best collection of Picasso’s early work, which we’re sure will surprise you. We are also sure that you won’t look at his work in the same way after visiting the museum.

Gaudí came to Barcelona to study architecture and never left. The Sagrada Família was undoubtedly the most important project he worked on during his life as an architect. As we are nearing the finish date of the work, 2026, we can now see what Gaudí’s idea was for the completed project. His dream is finally becoming true!

Don’t leave Barcelona without visiting the Sagrada Família and the Picasso Museum!

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