Barcelona in a day Highlights

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Barcelona in a day Highlights. 

On this tour, you’ll get the best visit of Barcelona in a day, and you’ll discover the Highlights on our city.

Visiting the oldest area in town and the two most important projects from Antoni Gaudí. It is a fascinating combination of ancient Barcelona and the Modern City. 2000 years of difference between both areas, and so many hidden and exciting histories to listen to.

Gothic Quarter; 

  • we’ll do a nice short walk to discover our heritage that goes back to the foundation of “Barcino” around the year 17een b.c. We have some very well preserved Roman ruins on this area, and most of the Roman walls are still nowadays standing up, sometimes we can see them just walking around, sometimes we need to go inside “patios” or underground to find them. This is the area where we can talk about the Jewish Heritage too; and of course, we have a very interesting group of Gothic buildings altogether in one same area.

Sagrada Família: 

  • to discover the incredible history of this NOT finished project of Antoni Gaudí, we’ll visit the inside of the Sagrada Familia, the most visited monument in Spain and one of the few places in the world that might surprise the most experimented travelers.

Park Güell:

  • one of the best examples of the friendship and collaboration of Eusebio Güell and Antoni Gaudí. Güell was one of the richest and most modern and businessmen in Barcelona, and Gaudí was his main architect, there are quite a few projects that they did together. The Park Güell is the biggest one, the bench, the lizard, the gingerbread looking like houses… everything is a surprise in there.

Of course, we’re here to show you what you want to see so that we can add or remove any tour location based on your preferences.

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We visit

  • Gothic Quarter

  • Sagrada Familia

  • Park Güell

  • Passeig de Gràcia

More Information

  • How long does it take? 

    • 6 hours.

  • What is included:

    • A private licensed guide only for your party.

    • Transportation at the Chauffered tour.

    • Priority access at all the sights.

  • What it is not included: 

    • Entrance fees to sites (you can pay them the day of the tour).

    • Lunch

    • Taxis and transportation at the walking tour.