How to Visit the Cave of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

//How to Visit the Cave of Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Montserrat/Saint Ignatius tour

How to get to the Cave of Saint Ignatius of Loyola in Manresa? Public or Private transportation?

Saint Ignatius of Loyola cave

Surely if you are reading this post, it is because you are interested in knowing the place where Saint Ignatius of Loyola lived a year of his life and where he wrote The Spiritual Exercises, the basis of the Jesuit doctrine.
In this video from the “Jesuïtes Catalunya,” you can learn about his stay in Manresa.

The town of Manresa is 66 km away from Barcelona. If you have plenty of time, you can reach Manresa by train. The train ride (line R5) takes about 82 minutes, and once you get there, you have to walk up to the cave for about 15 minutes. The frequency of trains can be found on the official website of Ferrocarils de la Generalitat

Manresa Saint Ignaitus of Loyola cave

Montserrat, located about 20 km from Manresa, is visited every year by 1,5 million visitors, mostly for its geological beauty and its spiritual and historical importance. If you have never been there, it is worth it, being so close once place from the other. We recommend visiting Manresa first and the Monastery of Montserrat after. You can also reach Montserrat on your own coming from Barcelona or from Manresa, using the train (line R5) until Monistrol de Montserrat and then taking either the cable car or the rack railway

However calculating the schedules to visit the two places on the same day, it can be stressful and complicated, since you will have to change transportations quite a few times. It is not impossible but complicated. Depending on the time of the year, the frequency of these transports is quite limited. Also, sunlight and low winter temperatures make it difficult to reach these places by public transport.

At Skipthelinebarcelona we offer you a comfortable way to visit the cave of San Ignacio de Loyola in Manresa and Montserrat on the same day. Instead of wasting hours searching and planning train schedules, you will enjoy the in-depth knowledge of one of our official guides, and you will travel comfortably in a private vehicle that will pick you up and leave you at your place.

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