Visiting Barcelona with kids (1st part)

If you are visiting Barcelona with kids, in addition to the best-known attractions, you will surely like to know places that can interest, motivate, and entertain your children.

In Barcelona, as in all cities, there are activities for children, but many are focused on a local audience due to a language issue, such as children’s plays, festivals, or concerts. So we have thought about offering you a list of attractions and places that are open all year round and to all audiences, not only to Barcelona residents, and with super affordable prices. (Only the Aquarium and the Cable Car are more expensive). Visiting Barcelona with kids will be a great experience for the whole family!

We are parents, so the list that we offer below is fully verified in person. Choose your favorite ones as you won´t probably have time to do all of them. Also, pay attention to the days when these places are closed for weekly rest or COVID-20 restrictions.

In this first post, we are going to focus on the super recommended places near the port and the Ramblas. The order in which we show the places is totally random, we find that they are all interesting and each one has its own charm.

Let’s go !!!

  • AQUARIUM BARCELONA: Perfect place to go with children

Aquarium Barcelona with kids

It was opened in 1995, 3 years after the Barcelona Olympics, and it is located by the Port Vell. It is easy to reach by walking down La Rambla and crossing the beautiful Rambla del Mar, a bridge located next to “Las Golondrinas” and close to the Columbus monument.
It does not disappoint anyone due to a large number of themed aquariums and a great variety of species. A highlight is the Oceanarium that contains 3.7 million liters of saltwater and which is crossed by a glazed tunnel from which rays and sharks can be seen among many other species.
Its WEB is

21 euros for over 11 years old
16 euros from 5 to 10 years old
8 euros for 3 and 4 years old

  • WAX MUSEUM : mystery and knowledge for children

Museo Cera Barcelona with kids

The museum is located in the heart of the city, in a pretty alley down LA RAMBLA on the left, very close to the famous Columbus monument. From our point of view, the wax statues collection is almost as interesting as the building itself, which dates back to 1867, which was the former headquarters of the Bank of Barcelona.

It will be a way for the young people of the family to meet characters who stood out in history, culture, art, cinema, music. Statues of musicians, painters, sculptors, emperors, adventurers, scientists …

We estimate that the visit can take around 1 and 2 hours. It is free for children under 5, for young people and retirees it costs 9 euros, and adult admission costs 15 euros.

We recommend that you approach and discover its location and take a look at the cafeteria that is hidden outside, it is called EL BOSC DE LES FADES, you can enter for free, and if you like you can have a drink or something to eat while you enjoy the fantasy of the Forest of Fairies. Notice Civod-20 restrictions.

Its WEB for more information is:

  • BOAT TRIP “GOLONDRINAS”: children will relax and enjoy 100%

golondrinas barcelona with kids

A fantastic option to discover the port of Barcelona and observe the city from the sea. Las Golondrinas are boats that offer 45 and 60-minute tours to navigate the port.

They are a historical attraction since they began their walks in 1888 on the occasion of the Universal Exposition of Barcelona and have remained till our days.

The coastline of Barcelona is magnificent, there are views of the cruise port, of the merchandise port, and of the Olympic Port. It embarks at the port, at the end of LAS RAMBLAS, just in front of the Columbus Monument, it is really easy to identify them. They have traditional boats with 2 decks dating from 1953 and other more modern ones.

It is a classic, a tradition. An unequivocal symbol of the city of Barcelona. All the inhabitants of Barcelona have sailed at least once in our lives in a Golondrina, with our parents, grandparents or on a school trip.

For how wonderful the experience is we find that the price is very affordable, free for children under 5

ADULT € 7.70


CHILD 5 to 10 years € 3.00

If you want to buy the ticket online you can do it directly on their website: lasgolondrinas

  • CABLE CAR: See Barcelona from the heights

teleferic barcelona kids

First of all, clarify that there are 2 different cable cars in the city.

Montjuic Cable Car: It starts on the Montjuic hill and goes up to the top where the Montjuic Castle is located, which can be visited and there are formidable views of the city and the port. It has many cabins so queues are fast.

Their web page Teleferic Montjuic

Port cable car: You can take it at the San Sebastián Tower in Barceloneta and go up to Montjuic or vice versa. Advice to avoid queues: take it in Montjuic (in front of Miramar Hotel) down towards the port. This cable car is the old one, it started operating in 1931, it is distinguished by the red color of its cabins.

Their web page Teleférico Barcelona

  • MARITIME MUSEUM: Great for kids and adults

Museo Marítim barcelona niños

It is located in the old medieval building of the Royal Shipyards of Barcelona. Formerly the building was the place where the galleys and ships of the kingdom of the Catalan-Aragonese Crown were based and built. It´s worth to ger in even just to see the Gothic building. Located at the end of the Ramblas on the left, near the Drassanes metro stop, which means Atarazanas in Catalan.

It is a very spacious museum, with replicas of boats of all historical periods, and which has been recently renovated to make it more interactive and attractive to all audiences. The Highlight is the life-size reproduction of the Royal Galley Juan de Austria that participated in the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, a battle in which the famous writer Miguel de Cervantes participated.

A highly recommended museum for adults and children. The restaurant located inside offers a very affordable menu inside the impressive historical building, and with a quiet and pleasant outside terrace where you can enjoy a break.

Prices are very low, there are numerous discounts, but in general, it is free for children under 17, and adult admission is 10 euros.

Its WEB is Museu Marítim


museu blau niños

It is a spectacular, exciting, visual, interactive, interesting museum, one of our favorites to go with or without children.

It deals with the history of the Earth and of Life, the Environment. With collections of botany, geology, minerals, zoology, among others. Exposure of fossils and animal species of vertebrates and invertebrates. It is an important scientific research and documentation center.

Just to see the magnificent building and the environment in which it is located is worth approaching. It is located near the sea and the Besos river, in the modern BARRIO DEL FORUM, it was built by the prestigious architects Herzog & de Meuron in 2004 and opened as a museum in 2011.

It is a public museum and very affordable, general admission costs about 3 euros is free for children under 16 and many groups. Closed on Mondays.

For more information, you can visit their website: Museu Blau 

Visiting Barcelona with kids will be a great experience and lots of fun.