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Barcelona private walking tours with a licensed & local guide.

Barcelona in a day Highlights


Barcelona in a day Highlights.  On this tour, you'll get the best visit of Barcelona in a day, and you'll discover the Highlights on our city. Visiting the oldest area in town and the two most important projects from Antoni Gaudí. It is a fascinating combination of ancient Barcelona and the Modern City. 2000 years [...]

Gaudi’s Masterpieces


Gaudi's Masterpieces: As you know, Antoni Gaudi is the city’s most talented architect, we invite you to visit Gaudi's Masterpieces. Born in 1852, at Riudoms a small town in the Southern Catalonia's countryside. Gaudí moved to Barcelona at a young age to attend the University and gets his degree in Architecture. He will stay then [...]

Gothic Quarter and Picasso Museum


Gothic Quarter and Picasso Museum Gothic Quarter and Picasso Museum is a walking tour of two historic neighborhoods at the city center of Barcelona, the Gothic and the Rivera/Born. The Gothic Quarter has the oldest remains in town, and at the Ribera/Born we have both ancient and modern. At the Gothic we’ll stroll through the narrow [...]

Miro’s Museum and Montjuïc Hill


Miro's Museum and Montjuïc Hill Is a tour a bit different from the typical ones. We'll be visiting Montjuïc Hill. Do not worry; we have a great system of escalators to climb the mountain so we can move through the hill quite quickly and easily. We’ll visit the only museum in the world exclusively dedicated to the [...]