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Montserrat is a half-day excursion, about 30 miles away from Barcelona, it only takes about 1,5 hours to get there. Combines nature (Montserrat is a Natural Park since 1987) art and spirituality. A unique combination and it is so close to Barcelona that you just have to visit it. Discover a sedimentary mountain, formed about [...]

Montserrat & Barcelona


Montserrat & Barcelona The Montserrat & Barcelona tour is a full day excursion and our favorite recommendation for anyone who truly wants to take full advantage of their stay in Barcelona. We'll leave around 8.30 am to Montserrat, getting there a bit before the big tour groups arrive. The trip to Montserrat is about [...]

Montserrat & St Ignatius of Loyola cave


Montserrat & St Ignatius of Loyola Cave Montserrat & St Ignatius of Loyola Cave is one of our most successful tours. We drive first to Manresa, the town where Saint Ignatius of Loyola settled down and remained during 11 months in 1522. He was fascinated by its beauty, its location by the Cardener river and the kindness [...]

Montserrat & Cava


Montserrat & Cava Montserrat & Cava is a great combination that will show you the spectacular inland landscapes of Catalunya. Visiting Montserrat and the vineyards region of el Pendès is a very nice option for a city break. At Montserrat, we will visit the Church and the Monastery area. On this mountain shrine, the monks have worshiped since the 12th [...]

Montserrat & Sitges


Montserrat & Sitges Montserrat & Sitges is a full day tour to enjoy the inland and sea landscapes of Catalunya. Montserrat is a very important site for the Catalan people and has been one of the favorite landscapes of painters for centuries. Even some of the most important architects of the 19th and 20th [...]

Dali’s Museum in Figueres


Dali's Museum in Figueres Dali's Museum in Figueres is a tour that takes us to Salvador Dali's hometown, Figueres, at 120 km from Barcelona and inland of the Costa Brava, the stunning coastal landscape that he kept on painting again and again. The Museum is open since 1974 after an extensive remodeling and refurbishment [...]

All Dalí: Dali’s museum & Púbol’s Castle


All Dalí: Dalí's Museum & Púbol's Castle On the Dalí & Púbol tour, we will visit two relevant places of the genius Catalan artist Salvador Dali. This is a tour for both true Dali's fans and people interested and curious to discover the inner world of Salvador Dalí. The Dalí Museum and the Castle [...]

Girona & Dalí Museum


Girona & Dalí Museum Girona & Dalí Museum is an excellent choice for a full day tour outside Barcelona, visiting two fascinating places in Catalunya. Our experienced drivers we'll take us first to Figueres. During the drive, we’ll see the lush inland landscape of northern Catalunya from the highway. Dalí designed the Museum [...]

Girona & Besalú


Girona & Besalu Girona & Besalú, a lovely day visiting two of the best preserved Medieval towns in Catalunya. The landscape will help you understand the history of our region; we'll find factories first, then the mountains of the Montseny and in Besalú and Girona we'll see that the Pyrenees are not too far [...]



Tarragona Tarragona it is a half-day tour, it is always advisable to leave Barcelona no later than 9:00 to arrive at an appropriate time and find all the monuments open. Tarragona is a city located about 100 km south of Barcelona. On the way, we´ll enjoy the views of the vineyards and fields. [...]

Tarragona & Sitges


Tarragona & Sitges Tarragona & Sitges is a full day excursion to discover the Roman legacy of Tarragona and the picturesque fishing village of Sitges. Both towns on the shores of the Mediterranean sea. Tarragona is located about 100 km south of Barcelona. Ancient "Tarraco" was the residence of Roman Emperor Cesar Augusto from 27 [...]