Gaudí the rookie

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Gaudí the rookie

is a tour to discover him as a young architect. Visiting the Palau Güell and Casa Vicens.

Both places are the early works of the man that became the most important architect ever in the 2000 years of history of Barcelona. That’s why we call this tour Gaudí the Rookie.

Curiously both are located on neighborhoods a bit of the beaten track of the modernist style areas in Barcelona. The Palau Güell is located just next to La Rambla, and the Casa Vicens in Gracia, an old village outside Barcelona until the year 1900. Built to be single families homes, nowadays nobody lives there.

The Palau Güell had to reflect the wealth of Mr. Eusebio Güell. It was not just a home but a place to do business and an important part of the social life of the Catalan bourgeoisie. The music room is one of the most amazing structures inside the building. It is a very good example to understand how life was organized and how things worked out at the beginning of the 20th-century society.  Travel, literature, music, business, everything is related and has its own space at the house.

Casa Vicens was smaller than the building we have nowadays. So there’s to different areas to visit, the first one is the Gaudinian part of the building, and on the second one, we have the pictures, the plaster models and all the extra information that helps us to understand much better the construction of the house. Nature is already very important in this building and a Moorish influence can be appreciated too.

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We visit

  • Palau Güell

  • Casa Vicens

More Information

  • How long does it take? 

    • 3 hours.

  • What is included:

    • A private licensed guide only for your party.

    • Transportation at the Chauffered tour.

    • Priority access at all the sights.

  • What it is not included: 

    • Entrance fees to sites (you can pay them the day of the tour).

    • Taxis and transportation at the walking tour.