• 3 HOURS.


  • A private licensed guide only for your party.
  • Transportation at the Chauffered tour.


  • Tapas & drinks (let us know if you would like a price with the tapas and drinks included)
  • Taxis and transportation on the walking tour.


  • From 1 to 6 people
tapas tour private tour

Tapas tour in Barcelona Gothic Quarter

It´s a 3-hour tour to introduce you into the real tapas world. If you want to have some extra info about it, read our blog post “Do you really know what tapas means? 

This is a tour for our adventurous visitors that are willing to try new tastes or that are already familiar with Spanish cuisine. Our opinion is that Spanish food is quite easy to explore, many dishes have quite basic tastes and they are not spicy at all (remember we are in Europe) but a certain amount of “courage” is needed to really enjoy the tour.

For the Tapas tour in Barcelona, we love touring around the old city  because it is over there where we still have some very interesting and traditional “bodegas” and restaurants with great options for all of you.

Bodega La Palma is on a very narrow street and still has the flavor of the traditional, simple but incredible tasty basic dishes. We think that nobody has better Croquettes, it is a must, plus you can try some different kinds of Spanish omelettes too.

La Vineteria del Call is another of our recommendations, located at the very heart of the old Jewish Call of Barcelona will offer us a variety of Cured meats, cheese (only local ones) and other specialties like the leeks with tuna, or the “escalivada” with anchovies.

Bodega La Pineda the smallest one is known for its Spanish acorn ham.

Bodega La Puntual a bit more elaborated dishes, oysters, and grilled octopus are our recommendations for this restaurant.

These ones are just some options for us to visit. Depending on what you are more interested in we will combine these ones or we will take you to other ones that might offer other specialties that suit you better.

Combine the Tapas tour in Barcelona with a wonderful Flamenco Show.

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