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If I was a rich man a tour about a friendship.

Gaudí & Güell are a great example of how friendship and mutual admiration can make a big difference in people’s lives. If I was a rich man and one of the most important businessmen in Barcelona what would I do to leave my footprint in my city?

Here in Barcelona, we have many examples of this friendship and business relation in between both of them. On this tour, we propose you to visit a combination of two of their projects together.

Palau Güell & Park Güell are 2 very different projects that can show us how spectacular was the evolution of Gaudi’s architecture.

Palau Güell is one of the first big projects that Gaudí received, and the only one that is located in the Old City. This building was the Güell’s family home and an important meeting point of the city’s bourgeoisie. The entrance facade is decorated with very interesting ironwork, a big bird on the top of what it looks like a helmet. Inside there are many different areas that we can visit. We’ll go first downstairs to see the stables,  then to the first floor with the dining room and salon. The central hall has a dome on top.  Going through the other floors where the bedrooms were we’ll get to the top terrace and we’ll discover Gaudí’s funny relation with chimnies.

In the 1900s they started working on the biggest project that they did together, the Park Güell a planned community built on the hills behind the city. Nowadays is a public park that belongs to the city of Barcelona. Most of the park has free entrance, but to visit the central area we need a ticket that we book in advance for you.

We can enjoy some amazing views of the city and park, from the stone roads that he designed, then visit the central square with its curious bench, take a picture with the lizard and find some gingerbread looking like houses.

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We visit

  • Palau Güell

  • Park Güell

More information

  • How long does it take?

    • 3 hours.

  • What is included?

    • Private official guide for only your party.

    • Priority access to all major sights.

    • Transportation at the Chauffeured tour.

  • What is not included:

    • Entrance fees to sites, you can pay them the day of the tour.

    • Taxis & public transport (on the walking tour)