Sagrada Familia and sailing

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Samba sailing boat

What do we offer

  • We visit Sagrada Familia inside and outside

  • Private tour

  • Priority acces at Sagrada Familia.

  • Licensed tour guide at Sagrada Familia & licensed Captain on our boats.

Sagrada Familia & Sailing private tour

Our “Private Sagrada Família and Sailing private tour” is, without a doubt, a very unique and special experience, organized in collaboration with our friends at Barcelona Sail.

The Sagrada Família and Sailing tour offers you 90 minutes of culture plus 90 minutes of sailing. After visiting the Sagrada Família, your tour guide will bring you to the boat at the Olympic Harbor; it takes less than 10 minutes by taxi to go from one place to the other. The captain will first give you a safety briefing, and after that, you’ll be ready to set sail. You are welcome to help our captain prepare the boat before setting off and maybe you’d even like to learn how to sail yourself! During the summer, you might like to stop for a few minutes to dive into the warm Mediterranean Sea. This tour will give you the chance to see the Barcelona coastline from the sea and, of course, offer you a new perspective of the Sagrada Família.

The tour combines a visit to the most visited monument in Spain, the Sagrada Família, a must if you are visiting our great city, with the chance to enjoy our amazing location on the Mediterranean Sea.

This will be an exclusive experience for your group as it will just be you and your tour guide and, later, captain.

Both the guide and the captain speak English, and we also offer other languages (Chinese, German, French…).

Although Barcelona has always been a city of maritime commerce, sailors, and fishermen, from 1900 factories started to be built along the coast line, somewhat spoiling the seafront. However, all this changed with the Olympic Games of 1992, and the seafront has now become a lovely part of Barcelona. You’ll enjoy a great view of the Sagrada Família from the sea, and be able to take in the very interesting and diverse skyline, with modern buildings, hills, old bell towers, new trendy hotels…

Treat yourself and book the Sagrada Família and Sailing Tour!!