Gothic Quarter (shorter tour) 2 h

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Gothic Quarter (shorter tour)

Enjoy an excellent 2 hours tour around the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.
The perfect tour for:

  • our costumers that can not walk for too long but still want to get a glimpse of the old city.

  • Or if you travel with kids, and you would like them to get to know a bit of the oldest history of Barcelona.

  • You are a group of friends/colleagues that would like a little walk around the Old City before dinner or in between meetings.

We meet right in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona (that it is not la Sagrada Familia). A mostly Gothic style construction that dates back from the late 12 hundreds. If you want to visit the inside, we have priority access to buy the tickets that allow us to give explanations inside and visit the Choir.
Next, we’ll learn about Roman history. Barcelona is a 2000 years old Roman city, and we still have many remains from that period. We’ll find them looking at the roman wall, at the aqueduct (the replica and the real one) and at the columns of the Temple of Augustus located in a narrow street called “Paradís.”
There’s a square that combines both Roman and Gothic, the “Plaça del Rei.” The Counts of Barcelona, later Kings of Aragon lived here at the Medival Palace. On the same square, we have the Museum that allows visitors to go underground and see the remains of Roman houses, workshops, and churches.

We can discover a bit of the Jewish History walking around “El Call” the old medieval Jewish section inside the ancient city.
We’ll finish our tour at Saint James Square talking about the two important buildings there, Generalitat and Ajuntament (City Hall).

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We visit

  • Cathedral (inside or outside)

  • Saint James Square

  • Call (old Jewish Area)

  • Plaça del Rei

More information

  • How long does it take?

    • 2 hours.

  • What it is included?

    • Private licensed guide only for your party.

    • Priority access to all the sights.

  • What it is not inlcuded:

    • Entrance fees to sites.

    • Transportation.